F&R 2020 Program

Resultado de imagen para disputations middle agesCourse theme: The Church and Philosophy.

Description: Become acquainted with the Church’s perspective on faith and reason and the role philosophy plays in that regard. The "research question" guiding our readings and discussions throughout the year will be whether a "Christian philosophy" is definable, possible and desirable.

Readings: Four papal documents that have treated this topic at some length, all of them available online for free (click on the hyperlinks to access them). Additional material suggested by F&R members and pertinent to the discussion may be added as optional.


Aeterni Patris, Leo XIII, 1879.

Studiorum ducem, Pius XI, 1923.

Lumen Ecclesiae, Paul VI, 1974.

Fides et ratio, John Paul II, 1998.


4 February - Aeterni Patris, paragraphs 1-16.

3 March - Aeterni Patris, 17-34.

7 April - Studiorum ducem, 1-15.

5 May - Studiorum ducem, 16-32.

2 June - Lumen Ecclesiae, 1-14.

7 July - Lumen Ecclesiae, 15-30.

4 August - Fides et ratio, 1-23.

1 September - Fides et ratio, 24-48.

6 October - Fides et ratio, 49-79.

3 November - Fides et ratio, 80-108.

Outcome: F&R members will be able to appreciate the importance of philosophy for their own lives, for their understanding of the world around them and for the holistic integration of what they know by faith, through study and life experience. Participants will become more familiar with what the Magisterium has often termed "perennial philosophy" and will be able to contrast it with other philosophical perspectives and systems.

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