Faith & Reason 2018 Program

Resultado de imagen para dietrich von hildebrand edith stein20th of February - Josef Ratzinger

Introduction to Christianity [1968]

o   Chapter 1: ‘Belief in the World of Today’ (pp. 39-81).

27th of March - Etienne Gilson

The Christian Philosophy of St Thomas Aquinas [1956]

o   Introduction (pp. 3-25).

24th of April - Dietrich von Hildebrand

Man, Woman, and the Meaning of Love [1966]

o   Chapter 7 ‘Friendship between man and woman’ (pp.98-120).

22nd of May - Edith Stein

Essays on Woman, Collected Works [1930]

o   Chapter 4 ‘Fundamental Principles of Women’s Education’ (pp. 1-11).

19th of June - Jacques Maritain

An Introduction to Philosophy [1930, orig. French 1920]

o   Chapter 4 ‘Plato and Aristotle’ (pp. 37-55).

24th of July - Josef Pieper

Guide to Thomas Aquinas [1986]

o   Chapter X (pp. 117-133).

28th of August - Elizabeth Anscombe

o   Anscombe, ‘Contraception and Chastity’[1972]

o   Paul VI, Humane Vitae [1968], New Translation (2018)

2nd of October - Saint Pope John Paul II

o   Veritatis Splendor [1993]

30th of October - Robert Spaemann

Love and the Dignity of Human Life: On Nature and Natural Law  [2012]

o   Chapter 2 ‘Human Dignity andHuman Nature’ (pp. 27-44).

20th of November - Cornelio Fabro

Selected Works. Volume 1: Selected Articles on Metaphysics [various]

o   Chapter 3 ‘The Intensive Hermeneutics of Thomistic Philosophy: The Notion of Participation’ (pp. 449-491).

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